Much like our ingots, our 2.5kg and 5kg Canary Butter Briks make it easier to use butter in bulk while maintaining quick and accurate portion control. What’s more, there are three Brik options to choose from:

  • Standard Butter
  • Butter and Margarine Blends
  • Butter and Vegetable Oil Blends

Canary Butter Briks are packed into convenient 10kg cartons (4 x 2.5 kg) and are much easier to carry and use in production. We have seen our briks used any applications where large quantities of butter are required including commercial bakeries, catering and food manufacturing.

For further details please refer to the relevant specification sheet below:

Unsalted Briks

Salted Briks

Lactic Dairy Blend Briks

Delux Briks

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