Canary Cheese

For further details please refer to the specification sheet below:
Cheddar Cheese Portion 300 / 6Kg

Introducing our new and improved Canary Cheese – a single serve cheese portion packaged in plant-based compostable films (same packaging we use for Canary Squeeze). The global call for the elimination of single use plastic has been a driving force behind this innovation and we are thrilled to be offering a sustainable easy to use alternative.

Canary Cheese is:

  • A delicious creamy cheddar cheese.
  • Wrapped in an easy to tear plant-based compostable films.
  • Convenient 20g individual portion.
  • Individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, flavour and food safety.
  • Vegetarian Suitable.
  • Nutritious Snack.

By choosing Canary Cheese portions you are helping to reduce the amount of single use plastic that goes into landfill every year, thereby improving our environment and helping to create a more greener and sustainable future.

Canary Cheese Portion Flyer

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