Certification and Standards

We are a manufacturer of value added dairy and selected non-dairy products and are Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) registered for supply to the domestic and export markets.....

We are governed by many different regulations including those of specific importing countries.

Many of these regulations are focused around food safety, from receipt of raw ingredients through cool chain distribution of finished goods.

Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) programmes have been set up to ensure management and monitoring throughout the entire manufacturing and distribution process.

These principles are recognised throughout the world and are the basis of our food safety programme.

We contract Third Party Agencies (TPA's) as external auditors; it is the responsibility of these TPA's to ensure our programmes meet national and international standards as required.

Continual development and improvements to these standards ensure that we address issues in a proactive manner.

To view certificates please click one of the links below:

The following certificates are available for viewing:

     Certificate of Halal Approval
     Organic Certification
     Dairy Exporter Registration
     Organic Exporter Registration
     Risk Management Programme (RMP)

For further information on our products contact Canary Enterprises directly at: matt@canaryfoods.co.nz or jamesg@canaryfoods.co.nz