Canary™ Butter Medallions & Butter Rosettes

Canary Butter Medallions are a ‘better butter’ portion because we carefully craft each Butter Medallion using custom built proprietary technology, treating the butter with the respect it deserves.

Our Butter Medallions are made from perhaps the finest butter in the world - New Zealand creamery butter and are available salted or unsalted.

The clean cut edge of each Butter Medallion offers a ‘better butter’ presentation for use across many serving applications - a la carte dining (either pre-set or served with meals), buffets, conferences, airline meals and general catering.

And they can be used straight from your fridge or freezer.

Unlike other butter portions, Canary Butter Medallions are unwrapped, which means there is less packaging to dispose of.

Our butter is better for the environment.

We can even make our ‘better butter’ better, exclusively for you. We have a unique application that can emboss the medallions – with your company logo, a particular event, or theme.

Canary Butter Medallions are available in 8gm, 10gm or 20gm portions and come in a range of pack sizes.

(For further details please refer to the relevant specification sheet).

Now that’s better!

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Unsalted Butter Medallion 10g

Unsalted Butter Medallion 20g

Unsalted Butter Rosettes 10g

Butter Range includes:

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