Canary™ Butter Ingots

Portion control just got better!

Canary Butter Ingots are created from our 1kg ‘better butter’ sheets and are uniquely and conveniently portioned into 4 x 250g ‘snap-off’ ingots.

This new and innovative technique offers simple and accurate portion control, allowing you to efficiently follow a recipe or manufacturing process.

Why weigh when you can ‘snap-off’ a 250g Ingot and use.

No more cutting, scooping or weight lifting 25kg blocks.

They are semi-soft and pliable direct from the fridge or can be stored frozen, with each 250gm segment simply ‘snapped off’ for use.

Canary Butter Ingots can be used by commercial and industrial bakers, food manufacturers and commercial kitchens, including hotels and restaurants.

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Un-Salted Butter Ingots

Salted Butter Ingots

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