Canary™ Butter Briks

Canary Butter Briks are a better bulk butter, because they come in a convenient 2.5kg brick!

What’s more, there are three Butter Brik options to choose from:

  • Standard Butter
  • Butter and Margarine Blends
  • Butter and Vegetable Oil Blends

So, Canary’s customers can choose the Butter Brik option that best suits their application and budget.

Furthermore, for many customers, the 2.5kg Brik means there is no longer any need to demolish larger 25kg bulk blocks, or un-wrap smaller butter pats.

And as the Canary Butter Briks are packed into convenient 10kg cartons, (4 x 2.5 kg / carton) they are much easier to carry and use in production.

The dimensions of each Brik are:

  • 220mm length
  • 150mm width
  • 75mm height

Not forgetting Canary Butter Briks are made from possibly the finest butter in the world - New Zealand creamery butter.

The most typical applications for Canary Butter Briks are in manufacturing, bakery and general catering, where large quantities of butter are used.

Just another Brik in the wall from Canary!

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Un-Salted Butter Brik 2.5 & 4kg

Salted Butter Brik 2.5 & 4kg

Lactic Dairy Blend Brik 60/40

Butter Range includes:

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