About Canary

We are a manufacturer of value added dairy and selected non-dairy products and are Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) registered for supply to the domestic and export markets.....

We are a privately owned dairy processing company situated in the Waikato region of New Zealand, in the heart of the domestic dairying area. The company was established in 2001 immediately following the deregulation of the New Zealand dairy industry.

We were established initially to manufacture free-flow butter medallions to meet the growing demand from the domestic and international food service markets. Since this time the product range has been extended to include many butter or milk fat variables, and subsequently a range of dairy and non-dairy individually quick frozen flavoured sauce portions (Canary’s Culinary range)

Our customers include airlines & airline caterers, hotels, restaurants and bakeries as well as supermarkets. Airlines supplied with Canary Butter Medallions include Air New Zealand, Thai Airways, Qantas, Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and a number of others.

To meet the strictest hygiene and GMP standards required by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) a new manufacturing facility was constructed in Hamilton.

Unlike large scale dairy processors, we have designed and installed manufacturing processes that enable the production of tailored dairy products to meet specific customer requirements. Our customers are no longer limited to historically restrictive product specifications.

For further information on our products contact Canary Enterprises directly at: matt@canaryfoods.co.nz or jamesg@canaryfoods.co.nz